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Class Descriptions

At Studio 88 Pole Fitness, our pole dancing class are geared toward helping each woman feel more confident about themselves. Our instructors are more than glad to guide you throughout the process. Contact us in Farmington Hills, Michigan for inquiries.


Pole Fit Level 1

Experience is not required. Pole fit level 1 is all about leaving your inhibitions and discovering your sexy side. The purpose of this class is to awaken your sensuality and self-confidence with beginner pole tricks, transitions, struts, and floor work. It’s the trendiest way to burn calories, too! Please wear comfortable clothes and avoid using lotions or oils before the activity.

Introduction to Climbing and Inverting

Pole fitness is learned with consistent practice. This class builds upon the basic spins you learned in the first level. More strength conditioning exercises and warmups are included to further enhance your muscle power which is needed to reach the top of the pole.

In this session, you learn the basics of climbing and different techniques! We use a personal approach to help you reach your individual goals.

Pre registration is necessary. Please also take note that there are limited spaces available.

Sultry Stretch X Core

Relieve stress through a series of relaxing and sensual stretches as well as core strengthening techniques. This class adds a sexy twist to traditional yoga and Pilates. It helps you reconnect with your feminine side while strengthening and building your core.

This exhilarating class also unblocks energy and detoxifies the mind while placing emphasis on building core strength. All fitness levels are welcome. Don’t forget to bring a yoga mat for this class.

Body Burn w/ Resistance Bands

We will help improve your strength, balance, core, upper body strength, and overall fitness with this class.

Women of all fitness levels are welcome.

Cardio Twerking

Cardio, pole, and strength exercises are combined into one invigorating workout that will keep you coming back for more. With a new format every week, this one-of-a-kind class includes twerking to burn calories and to nurture your femininity. Regardless of your fitness levels, you’re welcome to join!

Please bring your gym shoes and yoga mat. This 45-minute workout is specifically designed to strengthen and tone your body. Are you tired of your usual fitness activities? We’re here to make exercise fun again! 

Private Sesssions:

1 on 1 w/ the instructor

Scheduled at your convenience


Pole Fit x Strength Boot Camp

This 5 WEEK CHALLENEG is great for women with any experience level. This challenge is guaranteed to have you feeling more stronger and fit than ever before! Bring a yoga mat!


Pole Play

Pole play is for active students who want to practice. Non-students or walk-in clients must pay $10.00. First Session is Complimentary! Call to schedule your appointment!

Body Language

This class is great for individuals with any experience level. Women of all shapes and sizes will perform warmups and learn alluring walks, rolls, transitions, and fiery floor work. Level 1 pole spins can be applied during this class..

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